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Wrist, Arm & Shoulder Workers Comp Lawyer David Beck

Have you suffered a wrist, arm or shoulder injury while on the job? These injuries can be highly debilitating, especially if your job requires the full function and use of both arms. If you’ve been injured during the course and scope of your employment, you need a seasoned Workers Compensation Lawyer who will fight for you!

Pasadena Workers Comp Attorney David A. Beck has been dedicated to the representation of injured workers for 36 years. Throughout the course of his career, Mr. Beck has successfully represented numerous clients who have sustained work related injuries to their wrists, arms and shoulders. Although the most common injuries to these areas are repetitive stress injuries, Mr. Beck has helped clients who have suffered other traumatic injuries in the workplace.

Contact the Pasadena Law Offices of David A. Beck at (626) 796-8910 to schedule a free initial consultation with a highly experienced Workers Compensation Lawyer. Mr. Beck will thoroughly explain the Workers Compensation Process to you so you become empowered to make intelligent, informed decisions regarding your claim. Workers Comp cases are taken on contingency fee, and you don’t pay us unless we get benefits for you!

Obtain Workers Comp Benefits in Pasadena for Workplace Wrist, Arm & Shoulder Injuries

On the job Wrist, Arm & Shoulder Injuries can occur in a wide variety of ways, including accidents resulting from an improperly maintained workplace, slipping and falling, having an object fall on you, working with dangerous tools or machinery, or being involved in a car accident while at work.  

Pasadena Workers Compensation Attorney David Beck is devoted to fighting for injured workers, and ensuring that they obtain all of the Workers Compensation Benefits to which they are entitled, including:

Medical Benefits – to cover the cost of all medical care, including diagnostic tests, hospitalization, surgery, physical therapy, rehabilitative care, office visits, and prescriptions.

Temporary Monetary Benefits – income replacement based on a percentage of the injured worker’s weekly wages or salary.

Permanent Monetary Benefits – income replacement based on a percentage of the injured worker’s weekly wages or salary will continue upon certification by a physician of permanent disability.

Job Retraining – available to those injured workers who are unable to return to their previous line of work due to injuries sustained on the job. The maximum job retraining benefit totals $10,000 for a qualifying program or school.

Types of Wrist, Arm & Shoulder Injuries for Workers Comp Claim in Pasadena

At the Pasadena Law Offices of Workers Compensation Lawyer David A. Beck, we represent clients who have sustained a broad range of injuries to their wrists, arms and shoulders. These include (but are not limited to) claims filed as the result of the following types of injuries:Pasadena shoulder injury attorney David Beck


Fractured Wrists

Fractured Arms

Fractured Elbows

Fractured Clavicles (Collar Bone)

Fractured Scapula (Shoulder Blade)

Fractured Shoulders

Dislocated Elbows

Dislocated Shoulders

Dislocated Wrists


Labral Tears


Nerve Injuries

Muscle Sprains

Muscle Spasms

Soft Tissue Injuries

Torn Ligaments

Torn Tendons

Torn Rotator Cuffs

Depending on the type of injury, symptoms may range from tenderness, to loss of strength or range of motion, to excruciating pain. Do not wait to contact an experienced Workers Compensation Lawyer if you are injured on the job. Most Workers Compensation Claims are wrongfully denied, even if there is little dispute as to how and when the injury occurred.

Attorney David Beck has extensive experience helping clients successfully Appeal a Workers Compensation Claim Denial, and can help you navigate the complex Workers Compensation process.

Contact an Experienced Pasadena Workers Compensation Attorney

If you or someone you love has suffered a wrist, arm or shoulder injury as the result of a commercial or industrial accident, contact Pasadena Workers Compensation Lawyer David A. Beck today to schedule a free consultation with a leading Workers Comp Attorney.

At the Law Offices of David Beck we strive to keep our clients informed and educated as to the status of their claim, and always return phone calls and emails promptly. Call today and let us put our 36 years of experience to work for you!

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