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David A. Beck

 Pasadena Workers Compensation & SSDI Attorney David Beck

South Pasadena Workers Compensation &  Social Security Disability Attorney

South Pasadena Workers Comp Lawyer | David Beck

South Pasadena SSDI Lawyer David Beck provides assistance in obtaining workers comp and SSDI benefits for clients in Los Angeles County and all of Southern California.

Mr. David A. Beck is a workers compensation benefits lawyer offering effective legal guidance to individuals who are permanently disabled or have suffered an injury at work. As a skilled South Pasadena SSDI attorney, Mr. Beck has both the skill and the determination that is required to successfully see an SSDI claim through to its finish. As a diligent workers comp attorney and social security disability benefits attorney, Lawyer David Beck attentively and aggressively works to obtain the best outcome possible for each client.

Contact our law offices at (626) 796-8910 to have an effective South Pasadena workers comp lawyer working for you. Most of our workers comp and SSDI cases are handled on contingency, meaning clients have no attorney fees until after we reach a favorable outcome on your behalf.

South Pasadena Workers Compensation Lawyer

In the event that you have had an injury occur at work and are now having difficulties paying day-to-day bills and medical expenses, we may be able to help. Injured workers are entitled to proper compensation under the law. However, since the majority of workers compensation claims are at first denied, it is vital that you have help from a knowledgeable and experienced South Pasadena workers comp attorney.

If you have experienced any of the following injuries at work, please contact The Law Offices of David A. Beck for legal counsel and representation.South Pasadena Workers Compensation Attorney David Beck

Injury by Repetitive Stress

Injuries caused by repetitive stress mostly affect ligaments, tendons, or joints in the knees, hands, elbows, or wrists. These kinds of injuries can greatly impact an individual’s personal and work life, so it is important to seek legal counsel from an experienced SSDI and workers comp lawyer. South Pasadena Workers Comp Attorney Beck is highly experienced and qualified to successfully handle your work injury case.

Wrongful Death and Catastrophic Work Injury

Workers Comp Attorney David Beck has been helping catastrophic work injury victims and the families of the fatally injured in wrongful death cases since 1976. As a State Bar Workers Compensation Section member and South Pasadena workers comp lawyer, Mr. Beck is ready to defend your rights and fight for your interests.

Lung Disease and Respiratory Diseases

Long-term exposure to certain toxic substances at work can cause respiratory injuries and lung disease. If you have a respiratory injury or lung disease that may have been caused by substances at your place of work, call South Pasadena Workers Comp Attorney David A. Beck to receive quality legal counsel on your claim.

Limb & Joint Injuries | Back & Neck Injuries

If you have experienced ankle, knee, or leg injuries at work, please contact Leg Injury Attorney and Knee Injury Lawyer Beck for effective representation on your workers comp case.

We also help clients who have had wrist, arm, or shoulder injuries happen at work. An on the job injury to the neck or back can be one of the most debilitating injuries and calls for the proper level of compensation. Our workers comp law office and Attorney David Beck understand the importance of obtaining benefits and compensation for those who have been injured on the job. Therefore we accept these cases on contingency and work devotedly to obtain the benefits you need and deserve.

Please contact South Pasadena Workers Compensation Attorney David Beck for compassionate legal counsel and representation. We can be reached at (626) 796-8910, or you may submit an online evaluation form for us to review and get in touch with you. Social Security Disability Benefits Lawyer Beck is ready to help you obtain the compensation that will enable you to move forward after being injured.

South Pasadena Workers Comp Benefits Lawyer

California law requires employers to obtain and maintain workers compensation insurance to cover employee injuries. You may meet the eligibility requirements for workers compensation if you have experienced an injury at your place of work. South Pasadena Workers Compensation Benefits Attorney Beck is qualified to assist you in obtaining your benefits, which may include:

Instead of waiting until lack of income and increasing medical bills endanger your financial health, proactively defend your interests by contacting South Pasadena Workers Compensation Attorney David A. Beck for sound legal guidance. Our office is pleased to provide free initial consultations regarding work injuries and the workers compensation claim process. Give us a call so we can begin working on your claim.

South Pasadena SSDI Lawyer

If your claim has been denied or you have become permanently disabled and need SSDI bSouth Pasadena SSDI Attorney David Beckenefits, the skill and experience of Social Security Disability Lawyer David Beck could make the difference and create a successful outcome. South Pasadena SSDI Attorney Beck has been helping permanently disabled clients since 1976 and may be able to help you as well. Call our workers comp law office today at (626) 796-8910 for experienced assistance from our social security disability benefits attorney.

Most SSDI claims are at first denied, so do not be discouraged if that is your experience as well. SSDI Appeal Attorney David Beck can provide the help needed to appeal your SSDI case.

In order to qualify for SSDI benefits, an individual must not be able to perform their regular work due to illness or disability. This condition should last longer than one year, or it must be terminal. Also, a qualified doctor needs to be able to substantiate these facts.

In the event an individual who is permanently disabled obtains social security disability insurance benefits and thereafter becomes deceased, the benefits will pass on to the surviving spouse and any dependent children.

Contact a South Pasadena Workers Compensation & SSDI Lawyer

Attorney Beck may be able to assist you in gaining the benefits you are entitled to if you have been permanently disabled or injured in the workplace. Contact our office and South Pasadena Workers Compensation Lawyer Beck for a no-charge consultation. Lawyer David Beck is a highly qualified work accident lawyer and a social security disability benefits lawyer. Our SSDI appeal lawyer is ready to help you receive the benefits you are due for your injuries or illness.


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