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Monrovia Workers Comp Attorney | SSDI Lawyer

When you have experienced an injury, you’ll need the skills and knowledge of an experienced Workers Compensation Attorney and SSDI Lawyer who can properly guide your case through the complex Workers Compensation system. With almost forty years’ experience, Workers Comp Attorney David A. Beck has been dedicated to fighting for his injured clients’ rights so they can receive the SSDI and Workers Compensation Benefits they need to get their life back on track.

At the Law Office of Monrovia Workers Compensation Lawyer and SSDI Attorney David Beck, we understand that your life has changed because of the injury. Whether you’re temporarily disabled or you’ve experienced a catastrophic injury and are unable to return to work, Attorney Beck will vigorously fight for your rights and help you obtain the Social Security Disability and Workers Compensation Benefits that you deserve. With knowledge and skilled determination, Workers Comp Lawyer Beck carefully works with each client to help them achieve the best, most favorable possible outcome.

Contact Monrovia SSDI/Workers Compensation Benefits Attorney David Beck by calling (626) 796-8910. Arrange for a free initial consultation, and you can learn the ways our experience can help in your case. Because we take most Workers Comp and SSDI cases on contingency, you may not be asked to pay the attorney’s fees until you win your disability claim.

Monrovia Workers Compensation Benefits Lawyer

Have you experienced an injury due to a work condition or are you suffering from an illness because of your work conditions? Is your injury or illness severe enough to prevent you from working? Have your medical bills and regular expenses been piling up because of the injury or your decreased income from not working? Under the law, an employer must fairly compensate employees who are injured while performing regular work responsibilities. Because the Workers Compensation Benefits system is so complex and most of the claims are initially denied, you need the experienced legal counsel of Workers Comp Attorney and SSDI Appeals Lawyer Beck who has been zealously fighting for the rights of injured individuals since 1976.

The Law Offices of Monrovia Social Security Disability Attorney David A. Beck takes pride in representing those who have suffered from many on-the-job injuries, including:East San Gabriel Attorney David Beck

Wrongful Death

Wrist Injuries

Shoulder Injuries

Injuries due to Repetitive Stress

Neck Injuries  

Respiratory & Lung Diseases

Leg Injuries  

Knee Injuries  

Catastrophic Injuries

Back Injuries  

Arm Injuries

Ankle, Leg or Knee Injuries

Workers Compensation Lawyer David Beck is dedicated to offering sensitive and caring representation to help not only the injured workers, but also their loved ones. Call (626) 796-8910 to discover the ways our experience in Workers Comp and SSDI Appeals can help you obtain much-needed benefits!

Monrovia Workers Compensation Benefits Attorney David Beck

Workers Compensation Laws in California require employers to maintain insurance coverage for employees who sustain on-the-job injuries. Injured workers may be eligible for a number of Workers Compensation Benefits depending upon the complexity of the injury and the projected length of time you will not be able to work. Monrovia Workers Comp Benefits Lawyer Beck is skilled at helping clients receive the maximum Workers Compensation/SSDI Benefits which apply in their situation:

Temporary Disability Benefits – When you lose wages due to an injury that prevents you from completing your regular job duties, you may be eligible to receive Temporary Disability Payments until a doctor allows you to return to work.

Permanent Disability Benefits – If you experience a work injury that causes a lasting disability or if you have an illness which severely impacts your chances of earning a living, you may qualify for Permanent Disability Payments.

Medical Benefits – Workers Compensation Benefits provide medical care, including rehabilitative treatments, for the duration of the injured worker’s recovery.

Job Retraining Benefits – For those who qualify, Supplemental Job Displacement Benefits are designed to fund the education or skill enhancement for injured individuals who will be pursuing other job opportunities.

Family Death Benefits – By providing caring and compassionate legal representation, Lawyer Beck skillfully assists dependents and families of deceased individuals who are entitled to be compensated for a loss of financial support.  

When you are injured and are in need of financial help, contact Monrovia Workers Compensation Attorney David Beck who will aggressively pursue those much-needed benefits for you. Don’t wait until the bills are overdue! Get help with your legal needs today!

Call our firm at (626) 796-8910 right away to set up your free initial consultation. SSDI Attorney Beck will educate you on the complex Workers Compensation Benefits process in order to help you obtain the maximum benefits to which you are entitled. Even if your case has already been denied, SSDI Appeals Lawyer Beck will carefully prepare and guide your case through the entire intricate Workers Comp Benefits System so you can get the financial compensation you deserve.  

Monrovia SSDI Attorney David A. Beck

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) helps severely disabled low-income individuals who are unable to work. If you are applying for SSDI Benefits or if your claim for SSDI was already denied, contact the experienced and knowledgeable Monrovia SSDI Lawyer who has been successfully assisting permanently disabled clients for almost forty years. Call (626) 796-8910 to begin fighting for your SSDI Benefits today!

If your SSDI claim was previously denied, it’s not too late to file an appeal. You may be surprised to learn that up to 75% of these claims are routinely denied. SSDI Appeals Lawyer David Beck has extensive experience and success with Social Security Disability Appeals and will carefully assist with your situation so you may begin receiving those much-needed SSDI Benefits.

In order for individuals to qualify for SSDI Benefits, they must meet each of these conditions:

An illness or injury must prevent the disabled individual from continuing with their regular employment.   

The illness/injury must be sustained for over a year or is terminal.

Documentation from medical professionals must substantiate these conditions.

SSDI Benefits are extended to permanently disabled individuals. In the event that an individual should pass away, Social Security Disability Benefits may be awarded to the surviving spouse or dependent children, when eligible.

Call Monrovia Workers Compensation & SSDI Attorney

Whether you became permanently disabled due to an illness or injury, or if you have suffered an injury at work, Workers Comp Lawyer Beck can provide experienced legal assistance to help you get the benefits that you so badly need. Monrovia SSDI Lawyer David Beck is committed to helping you get your life back!

Contact the Law Firm of Monrovia Social Security Disability Benefits Lawyer and Workers Compensation Attorney David Beck to immediately schedule a complimentary consultation with a leading SSDI and Work Injury/Accident Lawyer. Call (626) 796-8910. You will discover the many ways Workers Comp Lawyer Beck can help with your case in order for you to begin receiving the necessary medical benefits and financial compensation that will help you to move your life forward!

Monrovia Workers Compensation &  Social Security Disability Attorney