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Highland Park Workers Compensation &  Social Security Disability Attorney

Highland Park Workers Comp Lawyer | SSDI Lawyer David Beck

Highland Park Workers Comp Attorney, SSDI Benefits Lawyer David Beck is an aggressive legal advocate for disabled individuals and workers who get hurt on the job. Serving clients in Highland Park, the San Gabriel Valley, Los Angeles County, and throughout Southern California, SSDI Attorney and Workers Compensation Lawyer Beck offers experienced representation in Workers Comp cases, SSDI Appeals, and Social Security Disability matters.

Since 1976, Workers Compensation Attorney and SSDI Lawyer David A. Beck has fought to secure critical medical and financial benefits for clients in order for them to begin building their lives again. He guides each client’s case through the entire, complex process.

Have you or a loved one been injured at work? Whether your disability is permanent or temporary, Highland Park SSDI Benefits Attorney and Workers Comp Lawyer Beck will fight vigorously for you to obtain the SSDI and Workers Compensation Benefits to which you are entitled by law. Call the Law Office of David A. Beck at 626-796-8910. We offer a free, confidential consultation, and we take most Workers Comp/SSDI cases on a contingency fee basis. We provide experienced legal assistance that can benefit your situation.

SSDI Attorney and Workers Compensation Attorney Beck is also highly qualified to assist with your SSDI Appeal and Workers Comp Appeal if your application has been returned to you.

Highland Park Workers Compensation Lawyer | Workers Comp Injuries

California law mandates medical and financial benefits for qualified workers who are injured during workplace accidents or in some other manner while at work. These injuries may appear suddenly, or develop slowly due to exposure or repeated actions. The advice of a qualified Workers Comp Attorney is necessary since many of these claims are initially rejected.

Because he has been offering this assistance to injured workers for almost four decades, Workers Compensation Lawyer Beck is skilled at representing men and women as they apply for these critical benefits. Work injuries may include:

Wrist, Arm & Shoulder Injuries  

Back & Neck Injuries

Ankle, Knee, and Leg Injuries

Any Repetitive Stress Injury

Respiratory & Lung Disease

Catastrophic Injury & Wrongful Death

Contact Highland Park Workers Compensation Benefits Attorney David Beck for more information. Call our office at 626-796-8910 and schedule your consultation. You’ll learn the many ways Workers Comp Lawyer Beck can help you secure Workers Compensation Benefits and SSDI.

Workers Comp Benefits in Highland Park, California

Several different benefits are available for qualified workers who sustain injuries at work. Highland Park Workers Comp Attorney David Beck helps clients by securing the maximum level of benefits for which they are qualified. You may qualify for one or more of the following Workers Compensation Benefits:

Temporary Disability: When a work injury prevents you from completing duties in your usual job classification, you may be eligible for these benefits which continue until a doctor clears you to return to work.

Permanent Disability: If a worker sustains a serious work injury which creates a disability that significantly affects their potential to earn a living, that worker may qualify for permanent disability benefits.


Medical Benefits: Cost for medical care and recovery are covered under Workers Compensation. This benefit is continuous until a physician clears the worker to return to regular employment.

Job Skills Retraining: Some individuals qualify to have their education and vocational expenses covered when they learn additional job skills as they seek alternate employment.

Family Death Benefit: In cases where a worker is involved in a fatal accident, or loses their life on the job in another way, the family may qualify for compensation. Contact Highland Park Workers Compensation Attorney Beck for compassionate, caring legal assistance in securing this financial compensation.

Please call Workers Compensation Benefits Lawyer David Beck for a free consultation and to learn which benefits may apply to your situation.

SSDI Benefits for Highland Park residents

SSDI Lawyer Beck works diligently for low-income and severely disabled individuals who are unable to maintain employment. We understand that SSDI Benefits can make a significant difference in the lives of these individuals. Highland Park SSDI Lawyer David Beck fights for disabled men and women to receive these benefits.

SSDI Appeals Lawyer David A. Beck is highly qualified with extensive experience helping clients in the appeals process. Up to 75% of these SSDI Claims routinely are denied initially. We urge you to file the appeal immediately by calling our skilled SSDI Attorney today!

In order to receive SSDI Benefits, the following statements must be true:

An individual cannot work due to illness or injury.

This is a terminal condition, or it will be sustained in excess of one year.

This condition has been documented by a doctor or medical professionals.

In the event an eligible individual dies, the spouse or dependent children may be qualified to begin receiving the SSDI Benefits.

Call our Highland Park Workers Comp Lawyer and SSDI Attorney

If you’ve been hurt at work or are disabled and seeking benefits, please call our skilled and experienced Workers Comp Attorney and SSDI Attorney for assistance in securing those medical and financial benefits. Highland Park Workers Compensation Attorney & SSDI Lawyer David A. Beck has served this community since 1976.

We invite you to contact us online or reach our office by phone at (626) 796-8910. Please schedule a confidential consultation with an experienced SSDI Lawyer and Workers Compensation Attorney at the Law Office of David Beck. We will handle the details so you’ll be able to focus on recovery!