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David A. Beck

David A. Beck

 Pasadena Workers Compensation & SSDI Attorney David Beck

Azusa Workers Compensation &  Social Security Disability Attorney

 Azusa Workers Compensation Lawyer David Beck

Azusa SSDI Lawyer David A. Beck provides assistance to individuals in need of workers comp and SSDI benefits after experiencing an injury.

Skilled Workers Comp Attorney David Beck represents clients who have been permanently disabled or injured at the workplace. Azusa SSDI Attorney Beck is a reliable professional able to guide you through your SSDI claim from start to finish. He is also an effective social security disability benefits attorney and Azusa workers comp attorney who works to create positive outcomes for clients.

Contact our law office at (626) 796-8910 to reach an experienced Azusa workers comp lawyer. With most cases being accepted on contingency, your case may not incur any fees until your claim is successful.

Azusa Workers Compensation Lawyer

If you are having difficulty paying medical bills and living expenses after being injured at work, our Azusa workers comp lawyer may be able to help. The law requires that proper compensation be provided to injured workers. Although most workers compensation claims are initially denied, an experienced and aggressive attorney can help protect workers comp rights and subsequently reach a more favorable result.Azusa Workers Compensation Attorney David Beck

The Law Offices of David A. Beck provide counsel and representation in a range of practice areas.

Back and Neck Injury

When a back or neck injury occurs, the effects are often debilitating and always require proper compensation. Workers Compensation Benefits Lawyer Beck works diligently in order to obtain the benefits to which clients are entitled.

Repetitive Stress Injury

Usually, repetitive stress injuries affect tendons, ligaments, or joints in hands, knees, wrists, or elbows. This can seriously impact an individual’s work and daily life. If you have suffered a repetitive stress injury, call our qualified Azusa SSDI attorney and workers comp lawyer for assistance filing your on-the-job injury claim.

Catastrophic Work Injury and Wrongful Death

For the past 36 years, Catastrophic Work Injury Lawyer and Wrongful Death Work Injury Attorney Beck has been providing quality representation to those affected by catastrophic injuries & wrongful death. Wrongful Death Work Injury Lawyer David Beck is a reliable Azusa workers comp attorney and member of the Workers Compensation Section of the California State Bar.

Respiratory & Lung Disease

When workers are exposed to toxic substances, especially over a long period of time, it can cause respiratory and lung diseases of various kinds. If you are experiencing an injury of this type, please call our law firm for counsel on filing your claim and receiving the compensation you deserve.

Wrist, Shoulder, or Arm Injury

When an injury occurs to the wrists, arms, or shoulders, an individual may not be able to work. If you have had such an injury, please contact Workers Comp Lawyer Beck for skilled guidance on filing your claim.

Ankle, Knee, or Leg Injury

Attorney David A. Beck is able to provide reliable workers comp counsel and representation to individuals who have had injuries to the leg, knee, or ankle while doing their job.

To contact Azusa Workers Compensation Attorney Beck, please submit a completed workers comp / social security disability case evaluation form or call our office at (626) 796-8910.

Azusa Workers Comp Benefits Lawyer | David A. Beck

Under California law, employers must carry workers comp insurance to cover employee injuries. In the event that you are injured at work, you may qualify to receive workers compensation. Call our Azusa Workers Compensation Benefits Attorney David Beck to discuss compensation you may qualify for:

If you have been injured on the job, do not put your financial health at risk—call Azusa Workers Compensation Attorney Beck to schedule a no-fee consultation. We may be able to help you successfully navigate the workers comp process and collect the benefits for which you are entitled.

Azusa SSDI Lawyer David Beck

If you have been permanently disabled, or if you have filed your SSDI claim and been denied, please call Social Security Disability Lawyer David Beck. Since 1976, he has provided effective counsel to clients and fought for needed social security disability benefits.

In order to qualify for SSDI benefits, an individual must not be able to perform their normal job because of illness or disability that lasts over one year or is terminal. These qualifications also require physician substantiation.

In the event that a permanently disabled worker gains social security disability insurance benefits before passing away, the benefits would then be awarded to any dependent children and surviving spouse.

SSDI Appeal Lawyer

Since about 75% of SSDI claims are initially denied, do not be discouraged if your claim is not immediately successful. Our SSDI appeal attorney may be able to resolve your case and obtain a positive outcome.

Call our Azusa Workers Compensation and SSDI Attorney

If you have been injured while at work or have become permanently disabled, please call Azusa Attorney Beck at (626) 796-8910 for help gaining the benefits you deserve. As a top social security disability benefits lawyer and work accident lawyer, Azusa Workers Compensation Lawyer David A. Beck is fully qualified to help you navigate the claims process and seek compensation.


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