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 Pasadena Workers Compensation & SSDI Attorney David Beck

Altadena Workers Comp & SSDI Attorney David Beck

You are welcome at the Law Office of Altadena Workers Comp Attorney and SSDI Lawyer David Beck. After 36 years of assisting injured clients, Attorney Beck is highly knowledgeable and experienced at helping them to obtain benefits for Social Security Disability and Workers Compensation.

When you have experienced a life-changing, permanent disability that no longer allows you to work or if you have been injured at work, Altadena Lawyer David A. Beck is ready to put his skill and determination to work on your case. Mr. Beck diligently works with you in order to achieve the most advantageous results possible for your unique case.

Contact Altadena SSDI/ Workers Compensation Attorney David Beck at 626-796-8910 to make your appointment for a no-cost consultation. Many of our Workers Comp and SSDI cases are managed on a contingency fee.

Altadena Workers Compensation Attorney

Have you been injured while at work? Altadena Workers Compensation Attorney David A. Beck

has dedicated his practice to assisting injured workers and their families since 1976. The Law Office of David Beck represents those who have sustained a variety of employment-related injuries that include the following:East San Gabriel Attorney David Beck

Ankle Injuries – These include torn ligaments, strains, and ankle breaks.

Wrongful Death – We offer a caring and sensitive representation of family members.

Arm Injuries – Muscle spasms, fractures, tendonitis, and soft tissue injuries.

Wrist Injuries – Fractures, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and injuries from repetitive use.

Back Injuries – Fractured vertebrae, muscle strains, pinched nerves, muscle spasms, and herniated discs.

Shoulder Injuries – Fractures, torn rotator cuffs, dislocation, and impingement.

Catastrophic Injuries – Brain damage, burns, spinal cord injuries, head injuries, amputation.

Repetitive Stress Injuries – Tenosynovitis, Epicondylitis, Tendonitis, Bursitis.

Knee Injuries – Tendon injuries, ACL injuries, knee strains/fractures, torn meniscus, MCL injuries.

Neck Injuries – Including soft tissue damages, paralysis, bulging discs, slipped discs.

Leg Injuries – Leg fractures, torn muscles, ligament injuries.

Lung & Respiratory Diseases – COPD, Asbestosis, Silicosis, Mesothelioma.

Under California state law, employees must be compensated for those injuries that occurred while the employee was engaged in regular duties. Unfortunately, most workers compensation cases are initially denied wrongfully. At this point, you need the services of a skilled lawyer who is ready to fight zealously for your rights. Call Altadena Workers Comp Attorney David A. Beck at 626-796-8910 so you can learn the ways in which Mr. Beck will help obtain benefits for you!

Altadena Workers Comp Benefits Lawyer David A. Beck

The law requires that employers ensure their employees are covered by insurance in case injury occurs on the job. When you suffer this type of injury, you could be entitled to a number of Workers Comp Benefits. Depending upon the severity of your injuries and the expected amount of time you’ll be off from work, Altadena Workers Compensation Benefits Attorney David Beck might be successful in obtaining the following benefits for you:

Medical Benefits – An injured employee is entitled to medical benefits to pay for medical care and rehabilitative treatment until the injured employee has achieved maximum medical results.

Benefits for Job Retraining – When an injured employee is not able to sustain or gain employment inside their regular field of work because of the work-related injury and has also been deemed permanently disabled, the individual may be able to obtain job retraining benefits in order to pursue a new course of employment to once again be self-sufficient. The maximum allowable benefits for retraining total $10,000.

Temporary Disability Payments – If you are an injured worker, you are entitled to these benefits for temporary disability to take the place of a salary until you are cleared to return to work by your doctor. Based on a percentage of your weekly pay, the benefits are set by California law and subject to a maximum payment limitation.


Permanent Disability Payments – If a doctor finds you to be permanently disabled due to employment-related injuries, you are entitled to continue receiving disability payments because of those work-related injuries.

Family Death Benefits – When a worker passes away due to an on the job injury, their surviving spouse and children are entitled to receive death benefits. Family death benefits are based upon a percentage of the employee’s wages and have maximum payment limitations. Attorney David Beck can also assist you in recovering funeral/burial expenses with a maximum of $5,000.

If either you or your loved one has endured an injury on the job, do not wait until you are facing financial ruin. Contact a qualified and aggressive Workers Comp Attorney. Altadena Workers Compensation Lawyer David Beck has fought on the side of injured employees for over 36 years.

Call our office at 626-796-8910 today and schedule your no-cost initial consultation. Attorney David Beck is ready to help you in all areas of the Workers Comp Benefits Process. He will work with you and educate you with regard to the necessary legal procedures that need to be followed in order to ensure our success for your case.

Altadena Social Security Disability (SSDI) Lawyer David A. Beck

Are you in the position of needing SSDI benefits for being permanently disabled? Has your Claim for SSDI been denied? Altadena SSDI Attorney David A. Beck has helped the permanently disabled to obtain benefits for SSDI since 1976. Contact our office at 626-796-8910 and speak to a knowledgeable SSDI Attorney who is ready to fight the legal system to help you obtain your Social Security Disability Benefits.

You should know that if you have had a SSDI Claim denied, you aren’t alone! Statistics show approximately 75% of the SSDI Claims are initially denied. Your next step is to file an SSDI Appeal! Our experienced SSDI Appeals Lawyer can help you find success when appealing your case. We can help so you’ll get the benefits and money on which you need to live!

To qualify for Social Security Disability benefits, you will need to be able to show the following:

Due to disability or illness, you are unable to resume your previous work duties, and your condition will exist for longer than one year or is terminal, and your condition has been documented by a doctor.

Benefits for SSDI are available to the permanently disabled party, dependent children, and their surviving spouse in cases where the recipient passes away.

Contact Altadena Workers Comp Attorney and SSDI Attorney

If you’ve endured a work-related injury and now are seeking benefits for Workers Comp, or are now permanently disabled because of illness or injury and are in need of Social Security Disability Benefits, Altadena Lawyer David Beck is ready to help!

Call the Law Office of Altadena Workers Compensation Lawyer and Social Security Disability Insurance Attorney David Beck today.  By scheduling your complimentary initial meeting with our leading Work Injury & SSDI Attorney, you will find out the many ways Mr. Beck plans to help you so you can start receiving those necessary benefits and move forward with life. Call 626-796-8910 today!

Altadena Workers Compensation &  Social Security Disability Attorney