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Alhambra Workers Compensation & SSDI Attorney David Beck

We welcome you at the Law Office of Alhambra Social Security Disability Lawyer and Workers Compensation Attorney David A. Beck.

With 36+ years’ experience representing injured clients and helping them obtain Social Security Disability Benefits and Workers Compensation, Attorney Beck is a knowledgeable and highly experienced attorney.

If you have been injured at work or have sustained a disability that is permanent and are not able to work any longer, Alhambra Attorney David Beck is there for you with skill and determination to vigorously fight for your legal rights. Mr. Beck works diligently to help obtain for you the best results possible.

Call Alhambra Workers Comp and SSDI Lawyer David Beck at 626.796.8910 and schedule a no-cost consultation. Most of these cases are worked on a contingency fee basis.

Alhambra Workers Compensation Attorney

Were you injured while on a job? Alhambra Workers Compensation Lawyer David Beck is a dedicated advocate working since 1976 on the behalf of employees who are injured or who have endured suffering with work-related injuries, including:

Ankle Injuries

Arm Injuries

Back Injuries

Catastrophic Injuries

Knee Injuries     

Leg Injuries

Lung & Respiratory Diseases

Neck Injuries

Repetitive Stress Injuries

Shoulder Injuries

Wrist Injuries

Wrongful Death

According to the law, a worker is entitled to reasonable and just compensation because of injuries that occur during employment. It is a fact that most workers comp claims are wrongfully denied. For these reasons, you need a lawyer who fights zealously for his clients’ rights. Contact Alhambra Workers Comp Lawyer David A. Beck at 626.796.8910 and learn how Attorney Beck can assist you and your family in obtaining the benefits that you deserve!

Alhambra Workers Comp Benefits Lawyer David Beck

Under California State Law, an employer is required to guarantee that employees remain insured. If you suffer an injury at work, you might be eligible for Workers Comp Benefits. The benefit is based on the length of time a worker will be off the job and also on the magnitude of the injury. With Alhambra Workers Compensation Benefits Attorney David A. Beck in your corner, it’s possible that the following benefits may be obtained for you and your family:

Medical Benefits

Job Retraining Benefits

Temporary Disability Payments

Permanent Disability Payments

Family Death Benefits

Contact Attorney Beck at 626.796-8910 immediately for your no-cost initial consultation. He will guide you through the Workers Compensation Benefits Process and you will learn the necessary steps which must be carefully followed in order to be successful.

Alhambra Social Security Disability Lawyer David Beck

Are you or a loved one disabled permanently and needing SSDI benefits? What do you do if your claim has been denied? Alhambra SSDI Attorney David A. Beck has been dedicated to helping disabled clients in obtaining SSDI Benefits for over three decades. Call 626.796.8910 and talk with an experienced Social Security Disability Insurance Attorney. Mr. Beck knows the system and how to fight for your rights so you can obtain the SSDI benefits that you deserve.

In case your Social Security Disability Insurance Claim has already been denied, you will need to file an appeal. You need Attorney David Beck who brings his vast experience with SSDI Appeals to help you successfully appeal the case and receive the money you’ll need to live!

The following circumstances must be proven in order for applicants to become qualified to receive the SSDI Benefits:

Due to the illness or particular disability, you are not able to perform the same work which you performed prior to the disability or illness, and

Your disability or illness is estimated to last at least for one year or the condition is not curable and terminal, and

Documentation provided by a physician substantiates the circumstances above.

If the recipient passes away, Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits are made available for the surviving spouses, the permanently disabled party, or their dependent children.

Contact an Alhambra SSDI and Workers Compensation Attorney Lawyer

If you are seeking Workers Comp due to a work injury, an illness or other work-related injury, or you are in need of help to obtain SSDI Benefits, Alhambra Lawyer David Beck is here to help!

Schedule a no-cost consultation at the Law Office of Alhambra Workers Compensation Attorney and SSDI Lawyer David Beck. Call 626.796.8910 to discover how Mr. Beck will help you or your loved ones obtain these critical benefits that will allow you to move forward in life!

Alhambra Workers Compensation &  Social Security Disability Attorney East San Gabriel Attorney David Beck